Mortgage rates at lowest level of the year - Atlanta Business Chronicle:

Mortgage rates at lowest level of the year - Atlanta Business Chronicle: The tax credits are over but fantastic deals are out there and lending rates remain low, low, low, it is time to buy, buy, buy!


America's Prettiest Towns -

America's Prettiest Towns - the article points out the criteria for making the decision(s). the criteria they used is the same a buyer should use: natural beauty and uniqueness. These two concepts envelope everything from a vision of what could be economically done to a fixer-upper which from my perspective is always going to include global thinking about paying homage to a famous architectural design like Falling Water or Monticello, to landscape and presence from a road view. Newnan may not have made the list but there are many, many properties in Coweta County that are some of the prettiest places in the United States.


They Forgot Newnan - Magazine Article  Newnan' strength, however, is location more than beauty ~ though it is a pretty place to live.  Close to the beach and close to the Mountains.


Atlanta is Not One Of America's Worst-Selling Housing Markets

America's Worst-Selling Housing Markets - Housing sales remain slow but the pace is picking up. It remains the worst of times and the best of times and it will be that way for the rest of this year and probably most of 2011. And what I mean by the comment is that there are not enough buyers out there. The loss of equity in the housing market is here to stay for years to come.

What a Weird & Wonderful World

It is going to be weird to see Chinese Volvos on the road ... but at the same time the ATL is positioned right to be and is now, a major city in the world economy ... are bicycles next? Can Geely Unleash Volvo's Inner Tiger? -

Restructuring Your Mortgage? - Magazine Article This article talks about the process of restructuring your mortgage: the bottomline is to seek out professional help and that means credentials and references. The silver lining if there is one is that if you sell your property in a short sale or just lose money and have to bring some to closing and maintain your credit in good standing then the house you purchase next is going to be just as much a bargain as your sale, purchased at market value which is still going to be 10-25% less than the same home would have brought just 2 years ago.


Why Georgia and Why Coweta & Fayette Counties?

    Governor Perdue's recent article sums it up:  Georgia is preparing our young people for the twenty-first century:  Click Here for the article.  Why Coweta and Fayette?  We have the properties and land to fulfill any imagination and proximity to the ATL is unmatched in the metropolitan area.  We have great public schools, great private schools including Heritage where the image was shot, Trinity School and two wonderful Montessori Schools in the area.  Come and grow and prosper in Coweta and Fayette Counties ~ Today!